Saturday, April 16, 2016

65 Gates Street, Framingham, MA

The house at 65 Gates Street in Framingham.

This very house was the home of husband and wife William Hartley Dennett and Mary Ware Dennett. Hartley Dennett was an architect and they were both avid followers of the Arts and Crafts movement. She divorced her husband Hartley in 1912 and that caused quite a ruckus in New Englad. Mary Ware Dennett was very involved in social causes, in particular, the woman suffrage movement and birth control (She wrote a book called "The Sex Side of Life".)

What's singular about this house is of course the four-storied square tower which Hartley had built. I can only assume this was an addition to an existing farmhouse.

Portrait of Mary Ware Dennett.