Saturday, March 19, 2016

150 Singletary Lane, Framingham, MA

The house at 150 Singletary Lane, Framingham, MA.

This is a rather poor rendition of the house situated at 150 Singletary Lane, a glorious Georgian style house reminiscent of George Washington's Mount Vernon. Well, it is the house that Dr. Eugene Gaston built for his family back in 1942. There is a piece of granite with his name engraved on it at the entrance of the driveway to confirm it.

Dr. Eugene Gaston was a staff surgeon at the Framingham hospital for 49 years. He was also an associate clinical professor of surgery at Boston University School of Medicine. He wrote numerous articles in medical journals about the digestive system. He was born in Peoria, Illinois, was raised in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas for three years before entering Harvard Medical School. As a side note, he was at one point the medical columnist for the magazine "Bicycling", so one can safely assume that he was an avid bicyclist.

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