Sunday, May 22, 2016

71 Harrington Rd, Framingham, MA

At 71 Harrington Rd, sits a federal style house made rather imposing by its four massive corner chimneys that seem to soar toward the sky. It was built circa 1810 on land that belonged to Jonas Eaton (1680-1727). The house was featured on the 2016 Framingham house tour. Apparently, the front of the house became the back and vice-versa when the railroad was built and the road had to be re-directed.

Sketch/drawing of the Eaton house at 71 Harrington Rd, Framingham, MA (from a photo by Lynne Damianos published in the 2016 Framingham house tour booklet).

Now, if you go to the other end of Harrington Rd toward Edgell Rd, there's a house with a similar facade except that it's all brick. That's the John Eaton Jr. house which was also built circa 1810.

John Eaton Jr. house at the Harrington Rd/Edgell Rd intersection.

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