Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cushing General Hospital

The Cushing General Hospital, located between Winter Street and Dudley Road just south of Mount Wayte, was a military hospital for the wounded soldiers of World War II. It was dedicated in 1944 and had a capacity of 1,800 beds.

At some point, the State of Massachusetts took over the Veterans Hospital and its capacity was reduced to 600 beds. It served as an hospital for aging citizens and a research center for diseases relating to aging. In the 90s, it was all torn down except for the (Cushing) Chapel, the only structure remaining.

Dr. Harvey Cushing, whom the Hospital is named after, was a brilliant neurosurgeon and a brain surgery pioneer. A Cleveland native, he had many ties with the Boston Massachusetts area.

Cushing Hospital ca 1951. Thanks to USGS.

Cushing Hospital back when it was a military hospital. Picture taken at the South end looking North. Thanks to Images of America, Framingham.

Cushing Hospital today. The chapel is the only structure remaining. The pathways between the buildings show the hospital layout. Thanks to googlemaps.


  1. I liked living in Framingham as a child, & much later, 20 some years later but had to travel, live here & there. Now down South I can in some years see my roses blooming after Christmas. Also cactus behind the garage.

  2. My father was a patient at Cushing Hospital from February, 1945 until he passed away on Dec. 8, 1945. We moved to Framingham from Maine to be near him. I was just a little girl but I remember it well and especially recall his funeral at the beautiful chapel.

    1. thanks for your comment and really sorry about your loss.

  3. My father was chief surgeon at the Cushing Genreral Hospital during WWII. I was 6 or 7 when he took me on his "rounds" occasionally.

  4. It was old and beautiful. Patients and staff, like family. Late 1980s' an Alzheimer's Unit created, first year of operation 2 patients improved and were able to return to their family homes. Bob Hope came and performed on stage in the theatre and then visited every ward to meet the bedridden paints. Sad that a $43 million bond was set to rebuild Cushing. Sadly politics on Bacon (Beacon) Hill opted to close Cushing. Every Memorial Day WWII veterans who were treated at Cushing came back to visit. Thankfully the Chapel remains and the City of Framingham kept the land as a memorial park named after Cushing. It had its own Fire & Campus Police even after the state took over. Joggers/walkers used the property as the cruisers would always be patrolling and made it a logical place.