Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pike-Haven House

The Pike-Haven House was built circa 1697 by Jeremiah Pike on land "owned" (managed might be a better term since the land actually belonged to Danforth) by Joseph Buckminster. Jeremiah Pike and Abraham Belknap (a bit later) were ones of the first to rent land from Buckminster in an area that would be later be known as "Pike Row". The Pike Row neighborhood stretches from Grove Street to Water Street along Belknap Road and Brook Street.

Jeremiah Pike's business was the manufacture of spinning wheels, a business that he passed on to his descendants (son, grandson and great grandson, Gideon Haven). When Framingham incorporated itself as a Town in 1700, Jeremiah Pike was elected to the first Board of Selectmen. He died in 1711.

Pike Row: Belknap Road from Grove Street to Edgell Road and then Brook Street all the way to Water Street. Thanks to googlemaps.

The Pike-Haven House. Thanks to Images of America: Framingham.

The Pike-Haven House is located at the corner of Grove Street and Belknap Road (see arrow), not too far from Edgell Grove Cemetery and the old Framingham Common. Thanks to googlemaps.

The Pike-Haven House, viewed from way above. Thanks to googlemaps.

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