Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eames Red House

The Eames name is pretty much synonym of South Framingham (Downtown Framingham). At one point, the Eames family owned pretty much all of it. Thomas Eames, whose family was massacred by the Indians during King Philip's war in 1676, somehow managed to obtain the land (from the Natick Indians) as compensation for his losses.

The so-called Eames Red House was built in 1721 by Henry Eames (grandson of Thomas) at a location where Eames Square (Lincoln Street and Union Avenue) is now. In 1754, Henry's son (also named Henry) enlarged the house. Abel Eames, another descendant of Thomas Eames, married one of the two grand-daughters of Henry Eames (the second) and added another addition to the house in 1810, making it a rather long building.

In 1969, the Eames Red House was moved to Prospect Street where it still stands today.

The Eames Red House ca 1870 when it used to be along Union Avenue. Thanks to Images of America: Framingham.

The Eames Red House is along Prospect Street since 1969, the year it was moved from Union Avenue. Thanks to googlemaps.


  1. Is this property being taken care of? I drive by it all the time and it looks empty and like it is falling apart?

  2. dunno. the last time i drove by was 4 years ago and there were people living there.

  3. I am a granddaughter of one of the Eames and las time I was there a few years ago it was being worked on.

  4. me too im a descendant

  5. Me three.....I'm a descendant too.....And soon the entire human genome will be mapped and we will discover we are ALL descendants of Adam & Eve....and we are ALL RELATED