Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Burying Ground video

The Old Burying Ground, Framingham's oldest cemetery, is located on Main Street, off Buckminster Square (where the Minuteman statue stands). The cemetery is about as old as Framingham itself with grave markers dating as far back as 1704. The focal point of the cemetery is the Buckminster family cast iron fenced plot, the largest and only enclosed family plot at the cemetery. Matthew Bridge, whose grave can be seen in the video was the 2nd Framingham Minister (from 1746 to 1775, the year he died).

The Old Burying Ground was used to bury Framingham residents (famous ones) until the mid 19th century. There were two other (small) cemeteries at the time in Framingham: South Cemetery on Winthrop Street (established in 1824) and Edwards Church Cemetery in Saxonville (established in 1838). Space for the deceased was badly needed in Framingham and in 1848, the rather vast Edgell Grove Cemetery was established (thanks to a nice land donation by Moses Edgell) to fulfill that need.

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  1. The Salem Witch Trials and its link to Framingham.

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